CB West vs Canon-McMillan


CB West Bucks Versus Canon-McMillan Big Macs
By Ben Winderman

11/14/15 7:55pm

Central Bucks West will face Canon McMillan in Saturday’s PIAA Class AAA state title game at HersheyPark Stadium at 4 p.m.

Dedicated to the memory of CB West Soccer Coach, AD, and District 1 Chair: Stanley “Mr. Mac” MacFarlane

CB West Players look to “school” another opponent Saturday in State Playoffs 2015

Let the cold bring on these rugged Antlers who are snorting ready to lock horns with the Cannon-McMillan, District 7 runners-up and make the Big-Macs into paper Mac-Shae Shank Burgers. Fire up the charcoal grill and tailgate to a title. This clash is Eagles/Steelers but maybe a bit rougher: There’s gonna be unnecessary roughness, blitzes out of the back, double moves, punts, pushes, shoves, and tackles; and that’s just during the coin toss.

Mixed in with the bruises and bumps will be the elegance of dance and the theater of it all comes down to this. Both coaches have been scouting games, talking to friends and friends of friends, mulling options, diagramming situations, preparing girls to play and possibly PK. This promises to be a match with momentum shifts, crucial calls, and crossbars, and Central Bucks West will need to draw upon their capacity to cover, connect, create, and communicate if Championship is the Christmas they covet.

West will need to draw upon their capacity to cover, connect, create, and communicate if Championship is the Christmas they covet.

In order to win, both teams will be trying to score more goals than their opponent. Considering the starting keepers for each side, Kyra Murphy for Canon-McMillan and Grace Bendon for the Bucks, the game winner might be the first and only goal. Who is likely to score it? Both teams have dynamic left-booted attacking players: Sabrina Bryan #10 for the Macs accelerates into Saturday’s title game with five goals in state playoffs alone, and her counterpart, Shae McCarty for CB West, is confident and intuitive, fresh off a two-goal performance in the semi-finals.

Intangible players in this clash may be the Macs’ Allie Thomas, who orchestrates C-M’s attack and possession, and Sophie McKnight, who breaks maestros, conducting sticks over her knee. Outside space-junkies Cheyenne Tress for the Macs can change a game from the flank, but so too will Mary Kate Vinkler, whose active energy will be critical for West to score. And then, of course, the fortitude of Buck defenders: Emily Munchak, Carmen Telesco, Mackenzie Carroll, Allie Walsh, and returning player Devin Dickinson. Perhaps the difference maker with be a surprise: Holly Pyles connecting with Abby Mulhearn who sees Taylor Burke (these Bucks can twerk), these girls can play, with Grace and Shae, with Jorge and Shank, sharks in a tank; it’s feeding time, one rung to climb, Antler attack, for Mr. Mac!

PREDICTION: CB West 1-0 at full time.

Ben Winderman