Governor Wolf


A Plea For Presidency
By Ben Winderman

Dear Governor Wolf,

I have been told that you are a man of exceptional imagination. I have witnessed your ascendance in Pennsylvania politics and celebrated your victory as the Keystone State's governor. Although I teach AP US Government and Politics at Hatboro-Horsham High School I am truly limited in terms of my own attention/investment in our systems of federalism and representative democracy. I know the Declaration of Independence and "hold these truths" close to my heart. As liberty tolls from a bell in Philadelphia independence flows from three rivers in Pittsburgh. The 55 delegates who signed below Jefferson's script were men of collective courage many of whom next took up arms against the British Empire, all of whom risked their lives and ruined their reputations, and faced the fierce wrath of family divided, 9 of who made the ultimate sacrifice, and a few sacred names who we call father; the founders of this nation, our country, and my home.

Your established executive authority may be legally supported by the diction of our documents, but not unlike the species with whom a name you share the word "Wolf" it is only the exercise of that power that may halt a rival's encroachment. From the few of your orations that I've been fortunate enough to witness. Your style of leadership maintains it's poise even whilst posturing and I'm convinced you are a man of honor, dignity, and decency. Pennsylvania is the finest state in 50 and the serendipity of our governor's path is worthy of national notice. Please Governor Wolf, if you'd consider a political strategy of my suggesting and allow your imagination a moment to marinate I am convinced that your destiny is to represent not only Pennsylvanians, but also "one nation, under god, indivisible, with LIBERTY, and justice for all." William Penn and Benjamin Franklin, Thaddeus Stevens and Margaret Meade, Gifford Pinchot, and Thomas Wolf: Our greatest teachers, leaders, and fighters continue to share so much wisdom with Americans of every make an model. I'm not forgetting James Buchanan, the commonwealth's only commander in chief, but I am deliberately mentioning you in his company, in the hopes that you can bring William Penn's tolerance, Benjamin Franklin's civic virtue, and Pinchot's nerve to preserve our state forests and washes of wilderness. President Wolf - It's a winner, you're a legitimate leader, and I know your route to Pennsylvania Avenue, D.C.

Please let me know if we can chat on the phone or possible meet face to face. As I mentioned previously I am a veteran teacher of 24 years, a father of two, and a Pennsylvanian through and through. I'm a democrat paddling through unpredictable currents, canoeing downstream over the crest of freedom's falls; this is no fiscal cliff Governor, we have elected a chief executive who campaigned and pandered to the same "slave power" conspiracy that promoted segregation, demoted Dred Scot, and appointed Roger Taney Chief Justice. Propaganda can parade but only truth can replenish. You know this forest Governor, and you're not afraid of the rapids. Please consider my suggestion carefully, become a candidate for the presidency: our nation's new face, portrait sensible grace, pursue PEACE.

Respectfully written and very hopeful for a response,

I will share a stroke of genius whose brush strokes lead from Pennsylvania, to Pennsylvania Avenue,

The White House
Wolf Administration,


Ben Winderman
267 614-8847

Ben Winderman